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History of TSUKUMO and Beach Sandals

1960 Design of sole inherited from that time


Literature is not left. So details are unknown. But, the advent of beach sandals, is said to be 1950 before and after.
At the time, the factory was located in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Nagata Ward. Nagata Ward was a thriving rubber industry. In the current, we do not know who has made the first to beach sandals. People to know at the time, says "around the Shiriike-cho and Hosoda-cho, many factories had. Everyone had been producing beach sandals without taking a rest. There was a very lively," he said

1985 Okinawa Island Sandal shipped that time


Around 1985 heyday (1985), beach sandals had been exported Italia, Tahiti, New Caledonia.
Sandals, known as "shima zouri" currently in Okinawa were also produced and shipped.
At the time, bake the thong "press shop" (Kako-ya-san), bake the sheet made to stand "Gomu-ya-san", pull out the sheet with a foot type "cut shop", cut the finished thong with a pair of scissors "sideline ya-san ", there has been such as" processing shop "responsible for the assembly and final step. Beach sandals industry (beach shop) by, etc. were made up.

1995 JUDO beach sandals that had been exported to Italy. It was wide and it was drawn illustrations by the image of a judo.


In 1995,Factories were affected by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Bake a thong "press shop" mold (Kako-ya-san) was burned down. Bake a sheet after the earthquake, "Gomu-ya-san" was out of business. Beach sandals industry has received extensive damage.
By a variety of leisure, bathers were reduced. So shipments of beach sandals decreased sharply. Production of Japanese-made beach sandals also was forced to pause.

2006 How to make does not change, we have passion to variation of colors and kind of size.


Beach sandals are switched to plant relocation to overseas or imports from abroad. Cause is damage caused by the earthquake, soaring labor costs, in the domestic market downturn.
These days, Small lots, short delivery and added value is obtained, as ride in the flow, in 2006, was re-running beach sandals production in Japan. Not yet at the time of the momentum back yet. But, as Japanese-made beach sandals factory that has become less, that told the Manufacturing of Kobe now.

The Beach Sandal that is loved by many

Okinawa Island Sandal

The "Okigata" sole, using the thong mold called "Malt", with a distinct sole design, thong design, color combination, thongs consistently used for both the right and left, a beach sandal created uniquely for Okinawa. This had been produced and shipped to Okinawa until 1994.

Okigata Okigata

Malt thong Malt thong

The sole design The sole design

JUDO Beach Sandal

JUDO Beach Sandal

The "Judo type" sandal utilizes a wide sole and was shipped approximately until 2010 (not including the earthquake time frame). The size available was up to 29 cm, which accommodated for non-Japanese that requires a wider sole and bigger size. At this time, orders have subsided, but the mold still remains.

B type Beach Sandal

B type Beach Sandal

The "B type" Beach Sandal continues to remain as is from the beginning. This is our title product produced by our factory. Utilizing the "B type" mold, the "Ropponsen" thong is attached.

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Company NameTSUKUMO Co., Ltd.
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RepresentativeHiroyuki Nakajima
Business OperationPlanning, production, wholesale of Japanese Beach Sandal

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